Success is a question of conception!
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Expansion and restructuring
of your commercial property, Concept development
Commercial-, residential-,
vacation properties,
Investment properties
Use our network for
your success.

Suchen Mehrfamilienhäuser, Geschäftshäuser und Handelsimmobilien zum Kauf oder Vermittlung in Düsseldorf und mittlerer Niederrhein!

We are a professional and IHK certified brokerage office in NRW

Nowadays, real estate marketing runs more targeted and individualized in buying, selling, brokering, financing, insurance and consulting!

Step 1

Diskreter Verkauf an vorgemerkte Interessenten. Suchkriterien: Ort, Baujahr, Zimmeranzahl, Preisvorstellung, Lage (CRM Systeme, eins mit Objekten, eins mit Interessenten)

Step 2

Veröffentlichung auf unserer regionalen Homepage.

Step 3

Publication on national real estate portals. Here is already with the bank a possible financing framework.

For our customers we have numerous properties in our assortment. Also special wishes for special investment properties or unusual vacation or residential properties are no problem for us. Please feel free to make an appointment with us, we are your value-added agent with passion.

Commercial real estate

Vacation properties



Investment properties


You are not looking for 0815 and want something special?

In order to offer a wide range of properties, we work with the largest real estate agencies in NRW. This way we can offer you the best service, all from one source. Together we will find the perfect property that suits you.

Service concept
Franchise stores

- Determine locations, e.g. cities with 50,000 or more inhabitants
- Number of stores
- Determine location, size and environment
- Examine demographic factors (purchasing power, catchment area, target group)
- Define 3 store types
• Flagship-, Standalone-, Franchise-Läden
- Prototype
- Design concept (branding)
- Check management skills and entrepreneurial prerequisites that fit the philosophy of the company (know-how, basic business knowledge and start-up capital)
- Present franchise concept, create business plan, discuss location
- Area analysis, store calculation and area management
- Targeted sifting of cities, negotiating store locations with landlords and brokers 
- Budgeting
- Implementation
- Priority list
- Employee selection
- Product, merchandising and sales psychology training
- Opening date
- Opening package (marketing, PR)

The above-average range of services - a prerequisite for a holistic concept

  • Residential and commercial real estate sales & rentals
  • Vacation properties
  • Energy certificate
  • Real estate valuation
  • Real estate property management

The special tangible asset - real estate in great variety

Immobilien sind wertstabil und Sie können bei fachgerechter Pflege und regelmäßiger Modernisierung ihren Wert im Laufe der Jahre deutlich steigern, Voraussetzung ist eine gute Lage. Wir helfen Ihnen mit einer intensiven Beratung und finden für Sie Ihr Wunschobjekt.



With us there are no temporary solutions or compromises, we are the right partner for you.