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Below you will find our consulting services in detail.
We specialize in the entrepreneurial design fields of strategy, innovation & new business, leadership & organization, marketing & sales, operations as well as the sustainable elimination of corporate crises through restructuring and financing. Let us inspire you and download our consulting brochure as well.

Service conception Potential analysis Process optimization Marketing concept Communication concept Area marketing Franchise stores Product sales Digitization consulting

Modular structure:
Our partnership extends in terms of time and content according to interlocking modules from the start-up measure to the complete implementation.

We first recommend process optimization of the organization and coordination at the interfaces of sales, product design, logistics, controlling, EDI and communication. On this basis, we perform vertical marketing via our service concept.

Know-how transfer:
Each module contains a precise schedule, which we discuss and implement together with you and your sales department. Our know-how transfer is designed in such a way that your company can also move on independently to a new world of experience at a certain point.

Advantages for you:
Marketing from a single source, cost advantages and synergy effects:

- Market analysis, process optimization and conception
- Marketing of product images, areas, stores
- Logistics, EDI, space management and design
- POS communication, PR, training and merchandising
- Location, product range, price and umbrella brand strategy

Strengths / Weaknesses Analysis:
Creativity - Speed

Opportunity / Risk Analysis:
Market niche - barriers to entry

Market Analysis:
Product / assortment - price / performance - location
Competition - Consulting - Communication

Process management - coordination

Sales Report - EDI

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
One-to-One Marketing · Direct Mailing

Product concept:
Collection frame planning - area management

Price concept:
Level - Calculation

Placement Concept:
Site analysis - Site planning - Contracting

A shop-in-shop is a visually separated area (e.g. by different flooring and store design of the manufacturer in terms of its corporate identity) in a store where a specific brand is presented.

A Corner is a visually separated area, where no manufacturer's equipment is used for presentation.

Promotion concept:
POS Marketing - Branding - Sales Promotion - Consulting - Merchandising - Coaching

Dialogmarketing · Co-Branding · Events · Public Relations

Future Marketing:
Store staging - Wellness

Worlds of experience:
Entertainment - "Good mood management

We are your partner in the area of space marketing. Benefit from our self-developed service concept.

More and more retailers have no successor, rent their stores to vertical chains, such as Zara or H&M, or close for good. This has disastrous consequences for many suppliers who have not built up their own retail strategy. Thus, more and more sales points are lost and "white spots" are created. Export is still a way out for many industrial companies, but even here, only companies that can manage their own areas will survive in the long term. An own retail strategy with stores and franchises becomes a question of survival. A brand is made at the point of sale.

Stand-alone Store:
A stand-alone store is a store operated by the industry itself.

A flagship store differs from a stand-alone store in that the entire product range of a brand is presented in a flagship store.

In the case of a franchise store, the franchisee takes over a complete business idea from the supplier, including store construction and marketing concept, in return for payment of a franchise fee that is usually based on sales.

Sale of seasonal surpluses, sample collections and goods with manufacturing defects in large areas below the normal price level.

1. assortment determination by the supplier

2. target agreement on achieved calculation

3. contolling via EDI

4. placement of packages at the POS (merchandise package, displays and merchandising)

5. training of the sales staff

Our advice
- Retail

Category Management

We design individual theme worlds for you. Today, more and more customers are making experience-oriented purchases. This prolongs the customer's stay and demonstrably promotes the desire to buy.

1. structural analysis

2. strategic assortment and supplier analysis

3. concept development

4. operational implementation and procurement concept

5. merchandising / P.O.S. material / training

6. Recruitment

We are looking for area capable suppliers from all consumer goods sectors for the construction of theme worlds in retail!

Consulting concepts


Please feel free to get an idea of how we work by downloading the following PDF documents.